Attention Federal Employees, Active Duty Military Service Members, Veterans, TRICARE Recepients, Medicare and Medicaid Beneficiaries

Learn about potential pain pump injuries and, if you received a pain pump after orthopedic surgery, receive $100 for providing basic information

Are you an active duty service member, veteran, federal employee, Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary, or do you know anyone of these descriptions, who has had any orthopedic surgery, including shoulder, wrist, ankle or knee surgery where a pain control pump was used? You may not know it, but these pain pumps were never approved for orthopedic use by the FDA. The FDA has issued a warning regarding these pumps. That, however, is not the worst of it.

Recent studies have confirmed that pain pumps placed inside a joint (particularly the shoulder or knee joints) sometimes cause a condition known as postarthroscopic glenohumeral chrondrolysis (PAGCL). This condition can cause severe pain and require constant medication. The ability to do simple things and enjoy daily living can be seriously affected.

We are interested in helping identify Veterans, Federal Employees, Medicaid and Medicare patients who may have had pain pumps placed in any orthopedic surgery in the past six years.
Not sure you would know if you had a pain pump? You can look
here to see photos of the most common pain pumps used. If you or someone you know had an orthopedic procedure where one of these pain pumps was used please fill out the form on our CONTACT US page. Please do not include your social security number.

Your information will be provided to the United States government. If you were treated with a pain pump after orthopedic surgery, you will receive $100. We may contact you with further information if requested by the government. However, your personal information and email address will not be sold to any commercial entities, nor will any of your personal information be made available.